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01 June, 2006

13 March, 2006

20 November, 2005

Lovely Blonde Twins

16 November, 2005

Touchy Feely Twins

11 November, 2005

Fiery Redhead Cathy O'Malley

Tender Young Twins

This steamy shoot is one of my favourite twins galleries. It is not over explicit, but tastefully done and beautifully shot.

Twin Sisters Kissing!!!!!

Heres a sample of miscellaneous twin sisters kissing each other. I have other sets of twin sisters that I will soon be publishing too. The big problem with twin sisters pics is that there are many sets of girls who look alike claiming to be sisters, but in fact are not at all. Don't woory though I have taken the time to ensure that only the genuine artile reaches you!

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27 October, 2005

Two of my fav pics. The first one I love because the grls are so pure looking. I don't know why the girl on the right looks so cross though. The second pic I love because the girl's body is so firm and perfectly proportioned, mmmm.........lovely

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